Help! quick results accurate?

I took my Nclex exam a week ago- 265 questions. In my state, you’re able to purchase quick results within 48 hours; I did so and got a “PASS”. However, my name and license is not on the BON website yet and I’m freaking (and checking literally 5 times an hour). People in my class that took their exam AFTER me already have their names up on the BON. I tried calling my SBON to talk with someone and they were rude and told me I would just have to wait, and basically said “well, you might not have actually passed”. Is this true? Why would my quick results say I passed and then they tell me that I might not have? I guess my question is, are the quick results truly accurate, and if so, why is it taking soooo long for my name and license # to be posted?

Sorry that was long- I just need someone to ease my anxiety before I go crazy!

The Quick Results should be 100% accurate and an official passing/failing result. That’s why they can charge you for them instead of just telling you to do the PVT which is not official. The BON will be updated slower, they just have to process everything, get license numbers, etc., but the NCLEX has been graded and resulted officially by then.


They better be accurate if they’re charging for them… why would anybody pay for them if they are inaccurate or unofficial instead of just doing the PVT?

Calm down there. It really takes time to process everything. Just relax since you already know you’ve passed. :wink:

Hello i took my nckex rn exam on may 6 2020 my quick result shows pass still my nane s not appeared on bon am so anxious now is it accurate

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