HCAHPS is Fueling the Opioid Epidemic



I’m not alone in advocating for the removal (or severe edit) of the HCAHPS system implemented by the government. I believe it is an unnecessary intervention into healthcare that is leading to bad practices in efforts to increase reimbursement.

Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic:


In short, here is the progression:

  • Patients desire pain control to rate a hospital experience well
  • Hospitals are leaning on providers to increase HCAHPS scores for more reimbursement
  • Opiates are overprescribed
  • Patients are developing opiate addictions from healthcare exposure
  • Addicted individuals are seeking drugs in legal and illegal ways
  • Opiate-related deaths are on the rise

We need to end the HCAHPS system, or highly refine it. We absolutely need to remove the aspect of adequate pain control.