Great apps for anyone in nursing school


APA Citation Generator Apps

You’re gonna be writing a lot of papers, and juggling APA citations is a pain in the ass… not to mention you’ll lose points if you muck it up.


If you are in a position where you need to write papers in APA format then you should use an app called Mendeley. I would describe it as iTunes for sources, that is, it organizes them all in an easy to read library. Check it out here:


Zotero is another APA citation generator app that works almost the exact same as Mendeley in my experience. I was having some issues with the Mendeley MS Word plugin which led me to search for an alternative, and that’s when I found Zotero. It’s great, and it’s also 100% FREE. Check it out here:

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you can get the Mendeley and Zotero plugins which let you click a button to import a source on the web-page you’re currently on.

And if that’s not great enough, they both have plugins for Microsoft Word which let you automatically insert your sources (in APA format if you choose) and it inserts your bibliography and updates it in real time.


Changing gears a bit, enter Grammarly. It’s spell checker on steroids and does a much better job at catching mistakes of all kinds. Once again, there’s a plugin for Google Chrome which lets you get Grammarly’s help in every web-based text box you encounter to keep you from sounding stupid.

It comes in super handy on discussion board posts that I’m sure we all despise.

Check these out, you won’t be disappointed!


These apps are great. Before Mendeley, I was just manually copying and pasting sources and trying to keep up. If one thing changed, you’d have to change everything and sometimes you’d forget and miss something. It’s nice to not worry about formatting anymore. I can’t go back!