Ever try posting something on Allnurses’s forum and see that your post got rejected because you tried to add a link? And I don’t mean a spammy link or anything. You could have posted this amazing article and simply linked back to your blog where it was originally posted, and the content police will shut it down. Why? They’re greedy!

Allnurses does not want competition. Period!

They want all content to remain on their website, and theirs alone. They want to run ads on your post contributions and reap 100% of the rewards.

I understand that they don’t want to see their user base flee for the competition… but… you also don’t want to create a space so toxic that nobody wants to ever touch it.

It’s a balance. You want to allow people to have some liberty with self-promotion as long as they’re willing to give something back to your community as well. It’s a symbiotic relationship that everyone should be after, but clearly, not everyone agrees.

I for one will never be posting to Allnurses again!


We feel the same way and are fully committed to never being like that.

Our site allows for links and self-promotion within reason. We obviously don’t want spam, but we understand the balance of which you speak.

This is only one of the reasons that we feel that we have a far superior platform:

  • Our forum software is lightyears ahead of all other’s we’ve seen in terms of modern web standards
  • Our sites are hosted on blazingly fast cloud-based servers and utilize SSL encrypted protocols
  • Advertising is minimal (none for established users), safe, and respectful (no takeovers, pop-ups/unders, audio, or malware!)
  • Users are allowed to self-promote (including links) within reason
  • We love free speech!
  • Our platform is 100% free to use… forever

We are more than willing to share our success with our users and believe in growing together :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it. I think this site has great potential!


This! I posted one time over there and got my post deleted within a minute because I linked to a nursing blog. The Allnurses staff is crazy censorship happy.


The guy who started Allnurses was a sick and unstable dude. Murdered his whole family before committing suicide.


wow, that’s actually really sad :confused:


I know, right? When I first heard, I thought it was a joke because the guy was an asshole. Googled it, and… :frowning:


Oh my God, that’s so horrible!


Woah, I had no idea!